About Yau Construction

Yau Construction, Inc. was founded in 1995. We specialize in all aspects of residential, home owner association and commercial building, construction and renovation. The company serves the San Francisco Bay area including East Bay, Silicon Valley and the penninsula, San Francisco and Marin county. Our reputation is based on providing our clients with exceptional quality and value based on our dedicated building and construction commitment and experience. We pride ourselves on delivering superior results no matter what size the job is. Yau Construction has excellent references spanning small jobs like a kitchen renovation all the way to very large residential and commercial construction and retrofit.


Jaime Yau and Virginia Chavez-Yau founded Yau Construction in 1995.  Mr. Yau serves as the president of the company and has 35 years in the building and construction business. He is a degreed Industrial Engineer and studied Quality Control and Management Standardization extensively in Japan. He is certified in Quality Control, Normalization and Standardization. His background and extensive experience give him the knowledge and ability to produce the highest level of quality in any type of residential or commercial design and construction.   

Why Yau Construction?

Yau Construction has a relentless commitment to excellence and quality. We are proud of all of our past client satisfaction ratings and on-going relationships. We put customer satisfaction as our #1 priority as exhibited by our customer’s willingness to provide references to our new customers. See some of our testimonials within our website here. Yau Constuctions team is very professional and dedicated and the core team has been with the company since its inception. 

Management Team

Jaime Yau – Founder and President

Leonardo MacLean – Manager of Operations

Jim Greenway – Sales and Marketing


"In memory of Virginia Chavez-Yau"

YAU CONSTRUCTION serves the San Francisco, Penninsula and East Bay regions and is a comprehensive construction firm for residential and commercial customers since 1995.