There are many important aspects of planning any residential or commercial construction project.  Here are five key areas to ensure are addressed by your contractor.

1. The Business History

You need to ensure your contractor is viable, has a stable business history, many quality references and is state licensed, insured and overall has a great reputation with clients and partners.

2. The Supervision

How does your contractor handle site supervision and partners and subcontractors?

3. The Schedule

Ensure you have a fixed start date and completion date including cleanup.  These dates should be included in a formal, written agreement.

4. The Guarantees

Make sure your contractor guarantees that he/she will complete all items int the contract and that you understand all of the terms and conditions.

5. The Bottom Line

The contractor should provide itemized price estimates as well as a payment schedule with milestones.  You and he/she should decide how any surprise expenses or change orders will be handled.


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