Build Green

We will work with you and advise you on how to build "Green" according to your project desires and requirements.  Examples are we that are very knowledgeable in how to save energy through smart lighting alternatives and how to save water through smart plumbing systems. 

We also are constantly working with local communities to understand and adhere to their initiatives wherever possible.  For example, many counties are publishing "Sustainable Building Checklists."  Examples of items included within are:
  • Electrical - Save energy in lighting and equipment use
  • Heating & Cooling - Save energy through passive design and equipment use
  • Solar Energy - Save money and energy through alternative electricity sources
  • Interior Materials - Support for recycled materials and sustainable forests
  • Other areas addressed:
    • Site and Landscape
    • Waste Reduction
    • Concrete
    • Wood Framing
    • Exterior Treatments and Siding and Roofing
    • Windows and Doors
    • Plumbing

YAU CONSTRUCTION serves the San Francisco, Penninsula and East Bay regions and is a comprehensive construction firm for residential and commercial customers since 1995.